Morten Winther

Hello, I'm Morten.

I love to combine big-picture thinking with detail-oriented craftmanship to create impactful digital products.

It all started out as a hobby in my teenage room playing with pixels and learning how to code. Years later, I realized that I could turn this hobby into a career. Today, I combine analytical thinking with creative problem-solving to build thoughtful digital products.
My name is Morten Trøstrup Winther. I'm a Danish product designer and user researcher based in the SF Bay Area. I obsess about problems, love to collaborate, and strive to make an impact. I'm currently Design Lead at Jayway in Palo Alto.
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I'm really good at...

  • Merging product development with business strategy.
  • Experimenting with ideas, sketches, and prototypes.
  • Generating actionable user insights.
  • Challenging assumptions and pose big questions.
  • Facilitating design processes and workshops.
  • Nitpicking about wording and content.