Morten Winther

Hello, I'm Morten.

I love to combine big-picture thinking with detail-oriented craftmanship to create impactful digital products.

My name is Morten Trøstrup Winther. I'm a Danish product designer and user researcher based in the SF Bay Area. Obsessed about understanding problems, my goal is to create meaningful product and service experiences for real people. Currently, I am the Design Lead at Jayway in Palo Alto.
My design work has been nominated for the Talent Price at the 2012 Danish Design Award, featured in Interactions Magazine, and accepted to renowned research publications. I hold a Master’s degree in Digital Design and Communication.
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I'm really good at...

  • Merging product development with business strategy.
  • Experimenting with ideas, sketches, and prototypes.
  • Generating actionable user insights.
  • Challenging assumptions and pose big questions.
  • Facilitating design processes and workshops.
  • Nitpicking about wording and content.