Morten Winther

Study Guide

Personalized content for university students.

  • Client

    IT University of Copenhagen

  • Year

    2016 – 2017

  • My role

    UX lead

Study Guide is an intranet platform for students at the IT University of Copenhagen. Study Guide provides students with relavant, personalized content to help them navigate rules, (often) implicit academic expectations, group work, and career planning.

The challenge

The IT University of Copenhagen needed a platform to communicate with its students, to help them develop their study competencies, and to get through their education in a qualified manner. To reach the audience it was crucial to create content that felt relevant and tailored to each individual student's situation.

The ambition was to create an online universe that feels personalized to each student, but create a platform that requires a minimum of editorial effort to keep up-to-date.

My role

My role in the project was the UX lead, and I was responsible for developing the overall concept for the platform, its information architecture and communicating this to both technicians and other employees at the university. The platform was created in collaboration with the IT University Communication Department based on a SCRUM development process. I was in charge of quality insurance of the development just as I produced a substantial part of the content (video, images, and text) for the platform.
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